Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ryan Madson Breaks Big Toe

Ryan Madson, the pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, broke his big toe the other day after blowing a save for the Phillies. He kicked a folding chair in frustration. After this happened the toe started to swell and ache. Treatment for a fracture of a toe depends on the type of fracture. Its more serious in the big toe and sometimes the fracture needs to be fixed either with screws, pins, or wires. It sounds like he will not need surgery for this, but will be in a walker boot for a few weeks. If the fracture occurs in the joint he may develop arthritis in the toe. In the lesser toes if there is a fracture, usually these will be treated with a splint to the other toe. This again depends on the type of fracture that has occurred. Bone typically takes 6-8 weeks to heal. If you have any more questions please visit our webpage.

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