Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Matt Ryan and Turf Toe from Exton, PA

Matt Ryan, the Atlanta Falcons QB, is from Exton, PA. He also went to William Penn Charter in Philadelphia, PA. He recently just suffered a condition known as Turf Toe. Turf Toe got its name from players commonly getting this condition while playing on artificial turf. Turf Toe can be better explained as a sprain of the big toe joint. This can happen as shown in the picture. When the foot is in a flexed position, this can sprain the big toe joint. Sometimes it can be severe enough where it actually can tear some of the ligaments of the big toe joint. This can lead to arthritis in the big toe joint and a bunion deformity.
Symptoms start out as swelling and pain in the big toe joint. Also with difficulty propulsing off the big toe joint. 
A good clinical history along with X-Rays and a possible MRI can help diagnosis the condition. It is usually treated with RICE; Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Usually a taping to the big toe joint along with a stiff sole shoe to help prevent flexion of the joint allows the injury to heal. It can take up to a month and sometimes even longer for the injury to heal. And atheletes are unable to play during this time. Although it is rare, surgery may be an option if Turf Toe goes undiagnosed or if there is a rupture to the ligament.

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